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Our Mission


The HCP Foundation was founded in 2022, by Holland and Carolyn Powell, with a focus on helping to preserve the wildlife, and hunting lands of Alabama, and the Southeast while not ignoring other parts of the world.

We are dedicated to becoming a leader in science-based, research-driven solutions to real problems facing wildlife conservation and sustainable use of wildlife resources. We partner with organizations such as Safari Club International and Patrol in Action (anti-poaching). In addition, the HCP Foundation works with the latest applied techniques to wildlife conservation issues. A passion for wildlife and conservation is expressed through the generosity of Holland and Carolyn Powell.


The goals are:


  • To provide charitable donations to other organizations or individuals pursuing the same or similar goals as those of the HCP Foundation; that


  • Communicate the constructive role that hunting and hunters play in conserving and preserving wildlife worldwide.


  • To conduct and support studies in the field of wildlife conservation, to assist in the design, development, and application of sound wildlife programs for managing wildlife and sustainable use of hunting.


  • To carry out and support education programs on wildlife conservation, ecology, and natural resource management that demonstrate the beneficial role that hunting and hunters play in natural resource conservation and land management.


To design, carry out, and support programs to assist the disabled in enjoying sustainable hunting and to utilize the resources of the hunting community and the various aspects of hunting to aid those less fortunate by providing humanitarian services.


What We Do

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Below are some of the groups, foundations and companies we have partnered with, to help to make the world better.

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